Gen Z: The Audience that Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore

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As the advertising landscape evolves, brands are under pressure to find new and effective ways to reach their target audiences.. Streaming platforms offer a unique opportunity for brands to do just that. With their vast reach, engaged audiences, and innovative advertising solutions, streaming platforms are changing the way brands advertise.

Streaming Platform Advertising: A Catalyst for Innovation and Relevance

Brands that embrace streaming platform advertising are redefining themselves as modern and innovative entities. According to recent research, they are perceived to be five times more forward-thinking compared to those sticking to traditional advertising channels. This sentiment is even more pronounced among the 18 to 34 age group, where streaming ad brands are viewed as eight times more modern and six times more innovative. Moreover, the perception of increased relevance, premium quality, and uniqueness among streaming advertisers demonstrates the potential for brands to establish a distinctive identity in the competitive market.

The Streaming Phenomenon: A Global Audience Engagement

Streaming platforms have captured the attention of audiences worldwide, presenting an incredible opportunity for brands to connect with engaged viewers. As the survey indicates, smart-TV owners are not only embracing paid subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services, but they’re also increasingly turning to free services. This trend is expected to continue, with projected growth rates of 45% for SVOD and 30% for FAST/AVOD viewership in the coming year. Markets like Spain and the UK are poised to experience the most substantial growth in streaming video consumption.

Siprocal: Revolutionizing the Advertising Landscape

Enter Siprocal, the premier Global Distribution, Marketing & Engagement Platform that’s reshaping the advertising landscape. With proprietary technology and a focus on precision targeting, Siprocal offers advertisers a gateway to engage with diverse and engaged audiences at an unprecedented scale. By eliminating intermediaries, Siprocal maximizes profitability and engagement, simplifying the ad stack for brands. This platform’s key differentiators include:

  • Preferred partnerships with leading streaming platforms
  • Integrations with leading DSPs
  • A proprietary technology platform that empowers brands with unique insights and custom reporting

Precision Targeting: Forging Unparalleled Connections

In a world where audience targeting reigns supreme, Siprocal’s groundbreaking approach sets a new standard. By partnering with industry giants and leveraging exclusive first-party data, Siprocal enables advertisers to reach their audience with unparalleled precision. Brands can utilize a range of targeting options at no additional cost, including:

  • Targeting by title, category, and language
  • Targeting by demographics, interests, and behaviors
  • Targeting by custom audiences

This level of customization not only enhances engagement but also offers cost-saving advantages, potentially reducing expenses by up to 20% compared to traditional data segments.

Generation Z: Shaping the Future of Advertising

The Generation Z demographic, aged 18 to 24, is ushering in a new era of advertising preferences. With a passion for platforms like YouTube, a penchant for online shopping, and an affinity for emerging segments like gaming and sports, this generation is transforming the advertising landscape. This audience’s unique traits and behaviors present both challenges and opportunities for advertisers seeking to make a lasting impact.

As streaming platforms continue to thrive and innovative technologies redefine advertising strategies, brands have the chance to capture the attention of modern, engaged audiences. Siprocal’s precision targeting capabilities and Generation Z’s evolving preferences showcase the transformative power of advertising in the digital age.


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