Revolutionary solutions to optimize CTV and OTT inventory management & advertising delivery

Why publishers choose Siprocal?

We pioneer the future of CTV Ad
specifications, empowering you
to cater to client's evolving needs.

We're actively involved every
step of the way, enabling
your business to flourish.

Transparency is at our core,
ensuring enhanced reporting
and ROI for you.

Empowering publishers with innovative offerings


Siprocal products are meticulously crafted by an in-house team of industry veterans, delivering the most comprehensive CTV-specific technology available. This ensures publishers have an all-encompassing platform that caters to their every need.

Tailored white label platform

Designed for publishers seeking a self-serve solution. Customize colors, logos, and domains for seamless brand integration. Features out-of-the-box DSP integrations, ad serving, and real-time analytics.

Efficient inventory routing

Created for channel operators, VMPDs, and content creators. Precisely allocate inventory to multiple platforms for optimal monetization.

Unified auction

Effortlessly merge demand sources into a single response, enabling managed demand to compete with programmatic demand.

Enhanced Ad podding

Empowering publishers to establish ad pods with functionalities like ad sequencing, competitive separation, and deduplication.

Join forces with Siprocal

Transparent Success

We ensure genuine success with unwavering transparency, offering clear insights into each impression’s transaction details.

Responsive Communication & Continuous Enhancement

We’re customer-centric, delivering regular inventory updates and ongoing improvements.

Agility & Speed

Relying solely on our in-house tech team and proprietary technology, we provide operational flexibility, swift decisions, and publisher autonomy, independent of external platforms.