Understanding the Profile of Brazilian Gamers and How Your Brand Can Connect with This Audience

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The gaming industry has become a powerful force in Brazil, with millions of gamers across various platforms. Understanding the profile and preferences of Brazilian gamers is crucial for brands seeking to engage with this audience effectively. In this blog post, we delve into the characteristics of Brazilian gamers and explore strategies for brands to connect with them, particularly through mobile ads.

1. The Diverse World of Brazilian Gamers:

Contrary to stereotypes, Brazilian gamers come from various backgrounds and demographics. They can be found playing games on consoles, desktops, and mobile devices in different settings. The popularity of gaming is evident in the staggering number of daily views of gaming-related content on YouTube, making it the second most accessed category after music.

2. Gaming Habits and Preferences:

Research conducted by Google and Provokers sheds light on the gaming habits and preferences of Brazilian gamers. The peak gaming hours are in the afternoon and evening, with younger gamers often playing during school breaks and older gamers utilizing lunch breaks. Additionally, the majority of gaming sessions take place from Friday to Sunday. Understanding these patterns can help brands optimize their advertising strategies to reach gamers at the right time.

3. Mapping Gamer Personas:

The research also identifies five distinct gamer personas based on gender, age, and socioeconomic class. Exploring these personas provides valuable insights into their behaviors and preferences during gameplay. For example, understanding their food preferences during gaming sessions can help brands tailor their advertising messages accordingly.

4. Seizing Opportunities in the Brazilian Gaming Market:

The gaming market in Brazil is experiencing significant growth, with expectations to double by 2026, reaching a value of US$2.8 billion. Brazil has surpassed Mexico to become the largest video game market in Latin America. This presents an exciting opportunity for brands to tap into this thriving market and engage with the gaming community through targeted mobile ad campaigns.

5. Authentic Brand Integrations and Relevance:

Brazilian gamers show a preference for real-life brands over fictional ones in their games. According to a survey by IAB Brasil, 43% of consumers expect ads to be relevant to the game they are playing. By aligning mobile ad campaigns with popular games and incorporating authentic brand integrations, advertisers can enhance their brand’s visibility and resonate with gamers.

6. Engaging and Interactive Mobile Ads:

Mobile ads within gaming experiences have the potential to captivate Brazilian gamers. By creating engaging and interactive ad formats, such as rewarded ads or in-game challenges, brands can enhance user experience and increase ad recall. Leveraging the immersive nature of gaming environments, advertisers can create memorable interactions that leave a lasting impression on gamers.

Understanding the profile of Brazilian gamers and their gaming habits is essential for brands looking to connect with this audience effectively. By leveraging mobile ads that align with gamer preferences and offer a positive user experience, brands can establish meaningful connections, enhance brand awareness, and tap into the vast opportunities within the Brazilian gaming market. With authentic brand integrations and engaging ad formats, advertisers can unlock the full potential of mobile ads in reaching and resonating with the dynamic and diverse community of Brazilian gamers.

Sources: Think with Google , PWC, Insider Intelligence, Siprocal database


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