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Mobile Ad Fraud: Consequences, Prevention, and Solutions for Brands

by | May 29, 2023 | Mobile Ads | 0 comments

Experts interviewed by Metrópoles list the main characteristics of this criminal action and provide tips on how to combat it.

Mobile ad fraud poses a significant threat to brands, leading to wasted time, resources, and revenue. It pollutes marketing data, distorts campaign results, and hampers future marketing optimization. With billions of mobile app downloads worldwide, brands must be vigilant to protect their advertising budgets from being stolen. In this article, industry experts shed light on the characteristics of mobile ad fraud and provide tips to combat it effectively.

Main points:

  1. Understanding Mobile Ad Fraud: Mobile ad fraud artificially inflates campaign results by generating fake clicks, installations, and conversions. It compromises the quality of marketing data and leads advertisers to invest in ineffective strategies.
  2. Consequences and Risks: Mobile ad fraud results in wasted budgets, distorted engagement metrics, and compromised return on investment (ROI). Brands may make decisions based on false perceptions of user interest, impacting their advertising decisions and app functionality.
  3. Types of Mobile Ad Fraud: Fraudulent activities include installation fraud, click farms, hidden ads, and bot-generated clicks. Fraudsters employ technologies to imitate human behavior and deceive advertisers, making it crucial to remain vigilant.
  4. Prevention Strategies: Brands can invest in reliable adtech platforms and providers that offer integrated solutions, such as AdServer integration, ad tags for better control, and anti-fraud technologies. Multiple prevention solutions should be evaluated and implemented to ensure comprehensive protection.
  5. Industry Insights: Financial apps are particularly vulnerable to ad fraud, with a high percentage of invalid installations. Other affected industries include tourism and sports betting. Keeping traffic clean from fraud right from the impression and click level is essential for maintaining accurate engagement metrics and high-quality user acquisition.

As mobile ad fraud continues to evolve, brands must stay informed, invest in prevention measures, and collaborate with trusted partners. By adopting effective strategies and technologies, brands can protect their advertising investments, maintain accurate metrics, and achieve better ROI.

Read the full article, in portuguese, by clicking here.


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